One bowl oatmeal blender pancakes {gluten-free}

You know how every now and then you find a recipe that is super simple to prep and deemed delicious by all family members? It’s a home run! Well that’s what these pancakes are in the Bennett house.

oatmeal banana nut pancakes

Gluten-free pancakes made with coconut or almond flour never suited my preferences completely in their texture. But at soon as I tried this oatmeal-textured pancake I knew it would be a hit.


I started with a recipe from Renee at FIMBY (who had herself adapted it from elsewhere), made a few changes to suit our preferences and we’ve been making it a few times a month at least since then.


We’ve tried this recipe with a handful of variations and it’s been tasty each time. Last night’s version was banana pecan; pumpkin chocolate chip has been a favorite, too.


Since I have an immersion blender, I just make it all in one bowl– my batter bowl that has measurements on it– starting with measuring the milk, and then dumping everything else in. The blender grinds up the oats nicely- you could probably also make this right in a high-powered blender if you have a Vitamix or BlendTec (I don’t unfortunately), too, or blend it in a couple of batches if you have a regular blender.

oatmeal blender pancakes


If you’re looking for a gluten-free (just make sure to get gluten-free oats) pancake staple, look no farther. We make this most Saturday mornings now and sometimes (like last night!) for dinner, too.

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  1. Stacey says

    Thanks for mentioning the immersion blender. I just made oatmeal pancakes in the food processor, but the immersion blender is lots easier to clean. Yahoo!

  2. Stacey says

    I’m going to try this recipe tomorrow for our Saturday morning pancakes. I saw pure maple syrup for the first time today. 55 Turkish lira, or $25 for not much syrup! I didn’t buy it. But we like honey, jelly, or Nutella, too.

  3. Cindy says

    Is the liquid correct in the recipe? If so, I’m guessing the oats need to be covered while soaking? I’m no novice in the kitchen and I’ve soaked grains and nuts for years, but this didn’t go well for me. Had to throw away a very crust oat mixture this morning. I’m anxious to try again … Help please. :)

    • says

      Hi Cindy! This recipe doesn’t call for the oats to be soaked. I often think that I should do that for the benefits of soaking but you’re right, that would probably require a lot more liquid (and advanced planning!). ;) Let me know if you find out a liquid amount that works to soak, and if you don’t soak them, hopefully the batter will come out right! :)

    • susan in st louis says

      I have a somewhat similar recipe that does involve overnight soaking:
      2 C milk
      2 T apple cider vinegar
      2T oil
      2 C grains/oats TOTAL (I use GF oats, buckwheat and brown rice if I want GF – or einkorn/spelt instead of rice if I don’t)
      Blend all that in blender until smooth the night before. Leave out, covered, on counter all night.

      In morning, add to mixture in blender:
      1 egg
      1 t baking powder
      3/4 t baking soda
      1 t salt

      Blend again to mix, adding a bit more milk/water to thin. Can also add pumpkin and spices, etc.

      Let sit 5 minutes or so.

      Cook as you would all pancakes.

      These are great! Nice and light and not “healthy” tasting. :) I’ve even mixed them up to take camping, and that works great. By the second day after mixing they did taste a bit “sour” but none of my kids complained!

  4. Cindy says

    Oops! This isn’t the recipe I made. I also saved this to try but the one I made had only 1/2 c. Of liquid and did require soaking. This one will be my next attempt and I will soak the oats. This time, if it doesn’t seem like enough liquid, I’ll adjust and report here! Thank you for your response!

  5. says

    How large of a can of pumpkin purée? I have both large and small cans. I used 3/4 small and seems to be working great, but curious of your recipe. Thanks!!

    • says

      I use half of a 15-oz can. Sorry I didn’t clarify that! It seems like the kind of recipe that doesn’t require a very precise measurement though. ;)

  6. says

    Oh we love pancakes around here but sometimes we have guests that can’t have wheat and and sometimes I just get hungry for something different. So, I can’t wait to try these!

    I’m not a fan of banana though and am wondering if you taste it here?


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